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Linda asked us the following question:

My first-grader is having an out-of-town field trip next week and suddenly I’m busting my budget. I couldn’t bear not sending her though so I thought to get a quick loan. However, I got confused by the names these loans go by—instant cash, fast loans, payday loans, etc.—are they all the same? Likewise, it’s not exactly an emergency case for me. Will that be taken into account by the lender? Thanks in advance. – Linda, Seattle, WA

Hi Linda,

The names are likely made of the same stuff generally, unless otherwise explicitly expressed by the lender. Also, most lenders will regard your case as a financial emergency since you need cash now. gives a good definition of various financial emergencies that we encounter.

Cash loans canada, another term for quick payday cash loans, advance loans or instant cash loans, are considered the quickest and easiest way to gain access to funds to deal with critical money necessities.

Whenever you experience a difficult financial situation, such as important medical and/or credit card bills, and you do not have sufficient cash in hand to pay for these expenses, you can consider a financial loan merchant that is willing to offer cash loans to fix your financial problem instantly and conveniently.

Plug In Your Financial Gaps

A cash payroll loan is a short-term loan that covers instant needs for funds or other short-term economic challenges. These financing options are designed for workers who need to bridge a financial gap between paychecks. Getting cash loans canada is easy and fast. It is possible to make application for a $100 to $1,500 financial loan and when it’s approved, the money is placed into your bank account instantly. Cash loans are given by numerous financial loan providers, such as banking institutions.

It’s Fast and Easy

Previously, if you needed to obtain a cash loan, you would need to visit traditional loan companies in person. Now, using the Internet, securing a cash loan is fast, easy and convenient. You can visit an online money lender and get a cash loan. The internet environment also provides you with more possibilities and enables you to examine rates of interest, repayment conditions, and other important factors before you make a choice.

So if you ever find yourself in need of cash and your following payday is still a couple of days away, you can search for cash loans canada and apply for fast cash. You don’t need to have security or even make a down payment. You don’t even will need to have a favorable credit record. Still, to ensure that you don’t fall into a financial debt trap, pay your cash loan as early as you obtain your paycheck.

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