Why would we not think about protecting our children from CANCER?

Why would we not think about protecting our children from CANCER?

As a mother, I always thought about protecting my children. I remember my son trying his first bicycle ride at age 2: helmet, knees and elbows pads, and two parents watching him move away at an ‘incredible speed’ (let me tell you about proud parents!). Full gear protection! Yes, he felt several times, but all the gadgets that were meant to protect him, actually they did their job. He was safe…and thanks goodness, no concussions at age 2!

Why would we not think about protecting our children from CANCER? If there were a vaccine against cancer, wouldn’t we get it for our kids? Fortunately, there is a safe and effective vaccine that prevents most types of HPV related cancers!

Did you know getting HPV vaccine for you child at ages 11-12 can protect them from certain cancers later in life? Boys and girls ages 11 or 12 need two doses to protect them against HPV related cancers. HPV Vaccines PREVENT cancer!

Here are 6 reasons to get HPV vaccine for your child (CDC- HPV Vaccine):

1. HPV is a common virus that infects men and women- 80% of people will get HPV infection in their lifetime
2. HPV vaccination is preventing cancer-causing infections
3. HPV vaccination is cancer prevention
4. Getting HPV vaccine for your child now is better than treating an HPV cancer later in life
5. Three vaccines are recommended for 11-12 year olds to protect against the infections that can cause meningitis, HPV cancers, and whooping cough
6. You can give your child safe, effective, and long-lasting protection from cancers caused by HPV with two doses of HPV vaccine at ages 11-12

For more information, visit: https://www.cdc.gov/hpv/infographics/vacc-six-reasons.html; www.uab.edu/cancer/hpv

Protect your kids today. Vaccinating isn't just protection for now, it's an investment in their future.

And for my son: he graduated from college in 2017, and is an young professional working in investments funds!

Why would we not think about protecting our children from CANCER?

Silvia Gisiger Camata

RN, MPH, Program Director, UAB School of Nursing

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