Surviving: You Are Not Alone!

Surviving: You Are Not Alone!

Angela sat shocked, her eyes filled with tears and fear. She had just heard the words “It’s cancer.” How could that be possible? She was a 35-year-old mother of three who breastfed her babies, kept her diet in check, and exercised regularly. She worked part-time for a law firm, mostly at home, and the plan was to go back full-time as soon as the youngest started school in a year. Life was good. But cancer? Was life going to change and her personal and professional plans destroyed? Would her dreams be replaced with treatments, side effects, and an unknown future? Angela felt lost and alone.

We at SurviveAL want Angela and others like her to know they are not alone. At, you can find support with local, state and national resources that can help cover a range of your needs, from medical facilities and financial help to wig shops. You’ll also see expert advice on the special issues young women fighting breast cancer deal with such as fertility, genetics, work and careers, relationships, and so much more.  And you’ll hear stories of women just like you. And if you like and follow us on social media, Facebook and Twitter will keep you updated with events and resources happening right here in Alabama, so be sure to stay connected.  And, finally, watch this Surviving with Social Media video which offers you tools to help you through your survivorship journey. Remember: You are not alone. SurviveAL is with you every step of the way!

Surviving: You Are Not Alone!

Silvia Gisiger Camata

RN, MPH, Program Director, UAB School of Nursing

Alabama's Young Breast Cancer Survivor Network

Young women with breast cancer face unique issues. And in the South, there are more young women overall facing breast cancer. In Alabama, young African-American women are significantly more likely to suffer from breast cancer.

That is why SurviveAL is here. Part of the Gulf States Young Breast Cancer Survivor Network, SurviveAL's mission is to help improve the quality of life for young breast cancer survivors, as well as their family and friends, by providing continuing resources and support.

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